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Terms of Service

Every Job Is Number One To Us.

Please note the following T&Cs:

  • All products to be applied in accordance with the manufacturer's specification.

  • All work carried out is as expected from a professional tradesman manner.

  • Water, certified power outlet and toilet facilities to be provided by the main contractor for our use at no extra charge.

  • Please ensure that all vegetation has been cut back from working areas prior to arrival on site.

  • This quote does not allow for work carried out from EQC repairs.

  • This quote does not allow for repairs to rotten or replacement of substrate, if areas are found we can provide quotes to repair.

  • No scraping or sanding to soffit lining if asbestos is contained.

  • No allowances for testing for asbestos, home owner will be required to cover costs.

  • No added value for the preparation to lead based paints. If lead based products are found then please allow for up to an extra value of 20% to quote value.

  • At time of quoting we have allowed for the removal of loose material but not to feather back all existing edges, heavy brush marks etc.

  • No allowances for window sticking due to paint build up. If windows need to be shaved the client will be responsible for extra cost.

  • No allowance for repair or make good to damaged substrate or surfaces.

  • Any cost associated with repairs from damage are invoiced to the main contractor/client and payment made by the main contractor/client.

  • No allowance for painting to outside of areas of the schedule of quantities.

  • We have allowed to use Resene/Wattyl products.

  • We require unimpeded access to working areas to obtain full completion of painting work.

  • Standing around waiting times to gain access caused by others and/or returns to finish areas not fully completed may incur additional cost @ $45.00 per hour per person plus G.S.T.

  • Any wallpaper chosen is valued at no more than $60.00 per roll.

  • Any scaffolding required is to be provided by Main contractor/Client if not included in quote.

  • Matching colours may be slightly varied due to age of existing paint.

  • Bin to be provided for the disposal of residual rubbish. If no bin is available on site then Swedekiwi can supply one at an extra cost.

  • On site parking to be provided for at least one SwedeKIWI work vehicle.

  • Our quotation is to spray paint ceiling. No allowance for masking/protection for spray painting. We require access to site, to complete spray painting areas as required prior to installation of joinery units, prefinished items or like.

50% deposit to be paid on start date and full payment due at completion of work.

Progress payments made monthly and due by the 20th of the following month in accordance with the Construction Act 2002. Payment terms are full settlement on the 20th of the month following the invoice date unless otherwise specified herein .SwedeKIWI Contractors reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 4% per month on all accounts outstanding beyond above terms. Title in all Materials supplied by SwedeKIWI Contractors under or in relation to these terms and conditions will remain with SwedeKIWI Contractors until complete payment of all amounts due has been received.

This quote is valid up to the date shown.

For any questions please feel free to contact the writer at our office or on 0221 917 877.


Paul Mathews

Managing Director

SwedeKIWI Limited

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